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I feel like Pooh. I seem to have my fingers stuck in several different pots of rather sticky honey. I am constantly trying to redefine my focus, and am jumping back and forth a lot. So I thought I would put this up for me (and you) to track what I am working on.

My work here is really motivated by people who use my applications. I love hearing that people are using them, it just seems totally kewl to me to think of BeOS users everywhere using BeChess. I wish I knew how many actually used it on a regular basis.

If you see by my log that I haven't improved BeChess recently (or some other project), and you use BeChess all the time and want me to fix it up some more, just drop me a line. I'll be so thrilled you will probably have your feature within a couple days. :)

(New) Projects I have in mind:



Not a lot of BeOS work getting done. This is the rush season at work as we hurtle towards releases. I didn't even leave work until 11pm last night. But I have gotten a little bit of stuff done. I've developed a basic networking library that consists of a Server, a Session, and a Client. The Server spawns Sessions whenever Clients connect. Once the Session and Client are connected, they can seamlessly pass BMessage's back and forth. Still needs a little more testing, I wrote a sample application that passes back and forth stdin/stdout text. But I only have one machine so I'm just echoing back on my own ports, I'll need to test it over a larger network sometime in the near future. My ultimate goal is to pass back and forth real time audio between server and client. Yes, sort of like telephony but not really, and I hate that word. Think of it more like NetMeeting. Ultimately I would love to support video, drawing board whatever. Which such a simple networking hook up it should be pretty easy, the only problem is that it won't be particularly effecient. At any rate, my progress is slower than I like because of work, but oh well. I'll probably release something sometime in the new year.
Ugh, beta time at the office. Not a lot of BeOS work done. Cleaned up BeExplorer a fair bit, but still have some work to do. Essentially rewriting the list item drawing code and list mouse code. Kind of annoying, but rather essential to make it useable at all. Couple other odds and ends after that and she is ready ...

Todd Nathan has contacted me about creating a PPC version of BeClassBrowser. I gave him everything I have ... hopefully he will post something soon.

I've been bouncing around another idea for several months now. Started playing around with it a bit today (you can only spend so much time rewriting drawing code). Not that I'm going to tell you anything about it, I just wanted to let you know that I'm still working on stuff. :)


Cleaned up, documented, and posted my persistence library, IOLib. Hope some people out there find it interesting enough to use.


I'm cleaning up me web pages, and preparing for new releases. I really don't like working on BeClassBrowser, it just doesn't motivate me. So I'm going to post the version I have right now, it works quite well. And then I'm going to sign off on it. If a whole bunch of people send me email asking for it to work better I will go back to work on it, but I would be just as happy to give someone else everything I have and let them have fun.

I'm also going to post the first version of BeExplorer up on my page. I'm not going to put anything on BeBits or anything, but just in case someone wants to get an idea of what it does, there it will be.

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